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Sending one-to-one emails in Salesforce is easy, but for mass emails, Salesforce has some limitations.MassMailer simplifies them by Salesforce in 7 ways
With your lead and customer contact information conveniently stored in Salesforce it seems natural to consider utilizing Salesforce as a &hellip
MassMailer provides Salesforce E-mail marketing app for Real Estate, it sends thousands of emails per day, monitor, reporting on Mass emails.
The integration between MassMailer and Salesforce is so seamless and intuitive, that you never have to move out of Salesforce. Visit our site to know more
MassMailer provides best Email solution services for salesforce CRM, Marketers, sales, real estate, recruiting, retailer and franchise. We’d love to hear from you.

MassMailer provides several plans choose a right Mass email plans that fits your Company's needs.Visit our website for more information like pricing details
Send Salesforce campaigns to leads or contacts, send mass emails instantly or schedule for later, use existing templates or campaigns and track reports.
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